The name Adrema refers to ADREssierMAschinen. Read here for yourself more about it.
The Adrema company was founded on April 22nd, 1913 by Julius Goldschmidt. Goldschmidt was the inventor of the addressing machine system and a very succesful engineer and business man. Addressing machines are office machines that display printed forms, which considerably eases and speeds up the mailing process.

Because of his jewish roots Goldschmidt was forced to sell his company and leave Germany in 1935. The company has been bought by Mercedes Büromaschinen AG. In 1952/53 the administration wing of the company was built in Gotzkowskystraße. Headquarters and the production area have been located in this building, the success story ofthe Adrema company continued. In 1961 Adrema has been taken over by US group Pitney Bowes, but since their headquater was located in Heppenheim, the production area of ADREMA has been transferred to Heppenheim as well. 1976 a Berlin furniture shop called „Möbel Adam“ moved into that building, the former factory became the field office of this furniture shop.

The structure was further extended with the completion of a new building in 2003, the Adrema hotel complex is composed of a new- and old building, which also reflects the concept of this hotel. A perfect combination of new and old. Typographies still play a significant role in the hotel, our restaurant Garamond is named after a font and the idea of bar Versal goes back to the term „Versalien“ which means capital letters in german. Those ancient addressing machines can still be admired at the main entrance.