Restaurant Garamond

The restaurant Garamond offers a varied menu card composed
of sophisticated, mediterranean cuisine, steaks and local dishes.
IT`S STEAKTIME! Sometimes it has to be hot!
The extremely high grill temperature of 1472 F leads to a kind of caramelization on the surface of our meat - resulting with a crunchy crust. In combination with the tender-juicy inside-meat, a whole new taste experience develops - which defies any description.
Convince yourself of our fantastic steak offer in our in-house restaurant Garamond and enjoy a very special piece of meat!
Monday - Saturday
6.30 h - 22.30 h
Saturday | Sunday | Holidays                          
07.00 h - 22.30 h
Monday - Friday                                 
06.30 h - 10.30 h                              
Saturday | Sunday | Holidays                           
07.00 h - 11.00 h                               
Reservation and information: +49 (0) 30 747 820 910 
Owner: Oleksandr Astakhov